5 Suggestions to Achieve Measurable Results From Junk mail Marketing Campaigns


Effective direct mail marketing brings new leads and more business; good results and return on your investment are possible. While online campaigns are getting a lot of buzz, the development in technology has not hindered junk mail marketing. Instead, the opportunities are actually enhanced. Ideas construct 5 methods for you to implement a successful direct marketing campaign that will generate leads.

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1. Provide a Link to Your Website

You may be using traditional document advertising, however that does not necessarily mean you cannot integrate this into your online marketing campaigns. Not just should you give a backlink to your website in your junk mail piece, but you can provide a motivation to do so, like a coupon placed on a particular page that the URL links to. This site can include a sign-up form for your email mailing list, offering future company news, coupons, and discounts.

Keep in mind modern consumers are more prone to find your organization through an online search. Anything you put in print advertising could be duplicated online, to achieve a different audience.

2. Enhance the Demonstration

With email marketing, you’re limited solely one sentence within the subject line, with no matter how strong your headline, it is possible that it will be viewed as spam and find yourself never being seen. In a print advertisement, you can incorporate eye-catching logos or pictures, or use your company’s colors to make the piece be noticeable – all visible with one glance. An engaging message and graphics makes it less likely that your particular ad will end up in a recycling bin.You could mix your advertisement up with fonts of different sizes and styles to showcase the specific aspects of graphics and copy you want to emphasize. With respect to the piece and packaging, you can even provide a small promotional item that will be useful – such as sticky notes, pens, letter openers, and other things the recipient may also use when they probably would consider your product.

3. Create the Written content Personal towards the Consumer

Take time to study and learn about your target customer, after which personalize your message with offers and knowledge that would appeal specifically for them – as a result of the packaging. Your content should directly address their demands, desires, and concerns. You can even further segment your recipients and send different pieces (with adjusted content) according to each segment. Be sure to include a powerful and compelling proactive approach, as well as an good way to have more information and/or contact you.

4. Work With Other Companies

Consider product placements on television and within movies. The merchandise supplier is spending money on the chance to “star” inside a TV show. Edge in the game not only for increased visibility, but also for the direct access towards the viewing audience – an audience that already uses similar products and already comes with an established level of commitment towards the show.

Partnerships between companies are everywhere, in the discharge associated with a film towards the box of brownie mix you buy that showcases a particular name-brand chocolates syrup from another company on its box.

Small businesses can perform this, too. A service or product purchase can lead to a voucher or discount for a partner company who, in turn, provides the same or similar service for that primary company. This helps promoting both businesses while saving advertising dollars on sides in the end.

5. Connect With Your Other Marketing Campaigns

Merging your direct mail marketing program along with other channels, such as social media or e-mail marketing, allows for multiple “touches” as well as an expanded audience. A great example are the ones mailers you receive that are full of coupons. Many of these companies concurrently advertise these offers on social networking and via email to activate interest.

A potential customer may chuck the ball paper coupon but notice the email from the business and do something (or vice-versa).An alternative choice is to use customized URLs on your direct mail pieces. Your printed piece supplies a connect to a website that you will find set up especially for that individual When the recipient visits this site, they visit a personal greeting and knowledge specifically customized only for them.

In order for your cross-media marketing campaign to become most effective, ensure your message is consistent across all channels, meaning that all offers and claims about your business are exactly the same in every “location”.There’s no question that email promotions and online marketing have their benefits, but direct mail marketing isn’t just something of the past. It’s still a rewarding strategy to reach a widespread customer base and draw attention to your products and/or services. Buying a tips to make your direct mail marketing efforts more productive.


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