5 Things to Consider When Painting a Commercial Building


Deciding to remodel the outside of a commercial building can seem rather daunting. There are plenty of things to consider, especially the color and type of paint being used. These two items differ completely for commercial buildings from what is used for a home.

Bolder colors might not work on these buildings, though they might look great outside or inside of a house. Here are some things to consider when painting a commercial building.

Larger Canvas

It goes without saying that commercial buildings are much larger workspaces than those within a home. Therefore, neutral colors are often used to blend the structure in with its surroundings.

These colors also allow for a business’s logo and other exterior signage to stand out. These elements need to be the focal point of the design and not the other way around. However, this does not mean that bold colors cannot be used. Instead, they should be reserved for accentuation, like on doors and trims.

Painting a Commercial Building

Meeting Historic Requirements

Many businesses are located in historical buildings nowadays as part of renovation projects in many cities to reclaim and repurpose those buildings. Therefore, it is important to realize that some codes and guidelines have been put in place by many of those cities, so historical buildings must meet those requirements.

Sadly, this situation means that certain colors and designs might not be available to keep the historical status of the building in place. In some cases, cities require that a color scheme is submitted for approval before retail painting begins. When in doubt, do some research about how a historic building and what it cannot or cannot look.

Architecture and Exterior Materials Also Play a Major Role

A color palate being chosen also has to take into consideration the building’s style and building materials. Some paint will not stick to certain types of materials, so they need to be coordinated accordingly.

At the same time, a Victorian-style building might not look all that great in modern, bold colors. For the sake of architecture, it is important to make a statement that compliments the building instead of working against it.

Consider the Building’s Surroundings

Some other factors might determine what colors should and should not be used. Is it located near other businesses? If so, then there might be a desire to either blend in with them while letting signage differentiate one building from another or some people might decide to make their building stand out from the crowd altogether.

It is also important to consider the size of the lot in question. Darker colors make buildings look smaller, and brighter colors make them appear larger. Also, landscaping around the building should be considered. Sometimes, complementing the landscape or reflecting colors in it can really pull an exterior décor together.

Hire a Contractor

Redecorating the outside of a building can be quite the undertaking. Therefore, the best idea would be to hire a contractor to do the labor. Here are some questions to ask of a contractor before hiring them for the job, though.

Make sure they are licensed and insured to do their task. Ask for references or samples of their past work. Asking for information on these things as a basis will make sure the contractor does quality work.


There are so many things to consider when taking on a remodeling project for the exterior of a business. Therefore, meeting these few baseline items will make sure the project goes smoothly.


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