Are Sustanon’s Side Effects Dangerous For Body?


Testosterone injection found in the form of Sustanon from decades. It is used for testosterone replacement therapy in medical treatment to accelerate muscle mass gain and power many bodybuilders use and abuse this steroid. Testosterone is an anabolic steroid. It is produces in testicles in men and follows manufacture instructions from pituitary gland. This gland located in the brain. This form is called endogenous testosterone because produce inside the body. Exogenous testosterone hormone comes in the form of injections. This is produced outside the body. Exogenous testosterone injected into bloodstream to supplement testosterone and it is not created in an adequate amount by the body. Some of the common steroid side effects are also observed by its usage.

Sustanon’s Side Effects

Sustanon is manufactured in a laboratory and it is an injectable form of exogenous testosterone hormone. It is mix with different types of testosterone ester such as Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Isocaporate, Testosterone Deaconate, Testosterone Phenyl propionate etc. Bodybuilders and athletes use many forms of famous anabolic steroids for bigger muscles and gain strength. Sustanon is the unique steroid for its composition. Medical community has been discouraging the use of steroids and sporting organizations overwhelming the steroids. However it has some usual steroid side effects. Usually Testosterone injection contains only one ester like Testosterone cypionate or Testosterone Enanthate. An Easter enhances the effectiveness and regulates the transform of the drug into bloodstream. Sustanon is so potent and not recommended for those people who are beginners of anabolic steroid use. Health experts are discouraged use and experiments of anabolic steroids because it has many side effects and potential to abuse. Instructions are provided by bodybuilding forum as well as to consumers in regard to stacking, dosage or combination of Testosterone with other components or steroids.

Men want to increase muscle mass, muscle gains in size and strength, they use steroids. They follow the instruction available on the internet in regard to Sustanon cycle and use of other supplements to enhance the potential estrogenic effects of Testosterone. It will be fine. But there is a big issue that reliable knowledge and education regarding the use of hormone’s work and effect on the body are not available on the websites.

Testosterone hormone is one of the extremely powerful substances in the human body. They can affect emotional, mental as well as physical aspects of health and wellness. Hormones affect any tissue, organ, cell or other functions in the body.  Levels of hormones are needed to be carefully balanced. Metabolic functions and endocrine secretions are closely related. If there is any imbalance in hormones it can lead to many adverse side effects.

Usual side effects of the Sustanon usage are rashes, pain, and muscle weakness at the injection site. If intake of testosterone in high dose and over a long time it may be very harmful. The body stops the production of testosterone hormone when it feels that levels are already proper due to shrinking of testicles. It is happens due to extreme high levels of testosterone. It is effect on   erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, and fertility or performance issue. Erratic mood swings, depression and aggression are also side effects.


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