Introduction Of Anavar And Its Effects


Anavar is an anabolic androgen steroid which is very useful during cutting cycles which helps in achieving toned physique. It also aid in enhancing athletic performance and muscle hardness with burning extra fat. Anavar have lot of benefits but it posse’s side effects also. Body builders and athletes always want something non-medical for enhancing their overall performance and strength. In want of a perfect physique they ignore side effects which lead to serious health issues.  Due to its side effects and abuse it is banned in many sports organizations. However if it is used carefully and combined with drugs which minimize its potential side effects .then it can be used without any worries. Anavar is available in different forms such as tablets, pills, injections and sprays. It is also known as Oxandrolone and produces in laboratory as a modified structure of male hormone testosterone. This compound does not aromatize and suitable for both male and female.

Introduction Of Anavar

Anavar also improve performance, strength, boost up energy, increased muscle mass and size. Anavar also have some of its supplements which provide same benefits with less side effects and it is known as Anavrol. It stimulates phosphocreatine which us produce inside muscle tissues. It helps in retaining lean tissues and is ideal for cutting cycles as it give lean and cut look. This compound is beneficial for those who are suffering from post surgical recovery, chronical illness or post traumatic disorder and helps in gaining weight. This compound does not aromatize also it is anabolic in nature. Studies say that Anavar can helps in protein catabolism also but it is not proven yet. It helps in increasing the amount of testosterone which helps in growing muscles mass and strength. There is another hormone which also plays essential role in growth and development and that is insulin growth factor-1. Pituitary gland stimulates testes to produce and secrets testosterone whereas insulin like growth factor-1 is produced by liver. The two endogenous hormone all together is perfect for maintaining balances that helps in providing strength according to body’s size, composition and heredity. To increase these natural hormone levels in the body, the steroids such as Anavar are injected inside the body. It is also responsible for many side effects. So indirectly it helps in curing hypogonadism, it is a disease in which body stops producing hormone. It leads to various which includes low testosterone level, reduced sex drive, hair loss and if not treated it can change. For the time users it is common to experience short term side effects as body try to adjust with steroids. These steroids remain no more than a week. It is advised for beginners to take low dose of Anavar for some times, starting directly from high dose can worsen the case. Average Anavar dose for medical conditions is form 2.5 mg to 20 mg depending on treatment goals. Some of its side effects include-

  • Depression
  • Heart diseases
  • Priapism
  • Low sex drive
  • Jaundice
  • Permanently low testosterone levels
  • Difficulties in decision-making processes
  • Cardiac arrest

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